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Aging, Mobility and Quality of Life (AMQoL)

24th-26th June 2012, University of Michigan, USA

The Aging, Mobility and Quality of Life (AMQoL) 2012 conference will focus on the particular requirements of elderly people for transport/mobility that gives them access to the various activities and services that maintain their health and well-being and enhance their quality of life.

The conference will bring together experts from the following fields:

  • Gerontologists/geriatricians
  • Transport researchers, operators and regulators
  • Psychologists/behavioural researchers
  • Urban planning researchers and policymakers
  • Safety researchers
  • Mech/Elec engineers from industry and academia (vehicle design; assistive technologies)
  • Tourism/leisure researchers/industry
  • Occupational therapists
  • Medical professionals


Streams will address the following topic areas:

Mobility-related characteristics and activities of elderly people:

  • Spacial cognition and wayfinding
  • Social participation
  • Travel behavior
  • Exercise and health
  • Tourism and leisure
  • Personal security
  • Transport safety
  • Aging in developing and newly industrialising countries

Technological and policy responses:

  • Building design
  • Urban planning and environmental design
  • Roadway design
  • Vehicle design
  • ICT, assistive technologies, gerontechnology
  • Transport policy
  • Community transport
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