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Goal - Growing Older, stAying mobiLe
Transport needs for an aging society

The aim of the GOAL project is to provide an action plan for innovative solutions to fulfill the transport needs of an ageing society. This action plan will be developed by state-of-the-art reviews, identification of possible and relevant societal developments and alternatives to transport. The focus of GOAL is on land-based transport.

Co-funded by the European Community's 7th Framework Programme, GOAL will provide an action plan for innovative solutions to fulfill the transport needs within an ageing society. In GOAL, they describe the physical and mental characteristics of older people and use these to develop profiles which will represent the range of characteristics to be formed in the population now and in the future. These profiles will be used to explore in a structured way the needs while driving, using public transport, walking and cycling and the relevant information needed before and during travel.

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Sustainable Senior Transportation Boot Camp at ASA

As the mobility needs for older people grow, public resources available to meet those needs seem to shrink.

If you are planning to attend the Annual Meeting of the American Society on Aging in Washington this March, and sustainable senior transportation is a challenge in your community, be sure to register for Special Boot Camp #3: The Dollars and Sense of Sustainable Senior Transportation.

Meet the funders and the founders of the Independent Transportation Network from several communities across the country.  Learn about the foundations that have chosen to fund the ITN model, the true cost of automobile ownership, and the people who have successfully removed policy barriers in several states.

You will find the answers to many of your transportation questions and concerns at Boot Camp #3, moderated by Richard Adler and organized by Katherine Freund, founder of ITNAmerica, the first, national non-profit transportation network for the aging population. ITNAmerica now has 22 affiliated communities in 19 states.

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